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Individual Therapy

Therapy is about understanding what makes you tick. We live in a culture of trying to be everything to everyone. Whether it be in work, lifestyle, family, or friends, we live in an age of expectations. Trying to live up to all of the expectations is not only exhausting, it can also feel defeating and disconnecting. You can reclaim yourself. You can find satisfaction within yourself as you show up at work, home, and with friends. You can trust yourself and focus on the things that matter to you. 

Areas of Expertise


Does stress consume your day to day life? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with panic and worry? You may be feeling apathetic, isolated, and alone. You are NOT alone. By learning specific skills and tools in therapy, you can find relief from anxiety and tackle depression to get back to living your life.  


Constantly criticizing our looks and having persistent low self-esteem in our appearance seems to be a norm in our culture. Finding freedom from our own negative beliefs and healing our relationship to our bodies can be the biggest act of kindness you give yourself.


One of the biggest life transitions one can make can be deciding to start a family. While you may feel like you need to be "happy and glowing" during and after pregnancy, it can also be an incredibly difficult time. Establishing therapy early on may ease the transtion to parenthood and any bumps you may experience on the way.


For the modern woman, demands from jobs, family, and friends can be exhausting and finding time for yourself can feel impossible. Through self-exploration and challenging negative patterns, you can live a more balanced life.

You can find a warm and compassionate space to discuss other issues such as life transitions, gender identity, grief and loss, as well as work/life balance at Driftwood Psychotherapy.
Driftwood Psychotherapy Basics

I offer individual therapy to adults ages 18+. People of all identities are welcome.


  • Each session lasts 50-55 minutes

  • Sessions start weekly and can move to biweekly if desired/clinically indicated

  • Sessions are conducted via teletherapy on a HIPAA compliant platform

  • You must be in Washington state during sessions

  • Initial evaluation is $175. Sessions are $150 thereafter

  • Limited sliding scale spots available for those who are underinsured or who otherwise would be unable to access therapy

  • Out of network with insurances and happy to provide "superbills" for out of network claims. Check your out of network reimbursement using the estimator below

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