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Couples Therapy

Relationships are complicated, messy, and downright DIFFICULT. Sometimes they can be the biggest source of joy in our lives and at other times, can be the biggest source of pain. For many, all we want is to be loved, understood, and accepted by a partner. You can have sparks fly again and feel connected to your partner in ways you never have before. Couples therapy at Driftwood can help promote understanding, curiosity, and empathy in your relationship to help you thrive as partners.

Areas of Expertise


Creating deep, meaningful intimacy with a partner can feel like learning a new dance over and over again, it's always changing and can seem like you never quite get the hang of it. Learn new strategies to feel more connected and satisfied physically and emotionally with your partner in therapy.


Family planning can be a difficult topic for many couples. Whether it's deciding on what your family makeup will look like or preparing for a little one, relationship therapy can help you navigate these conversations and  transitions in your partnership.


Many people feel the tension of balancing their career with the people they love most. Late nights at the office and emotional unavailability can create conflict and resentment in relationships. Reconnect with your innermost values and gain confidence in setting boundaries to help your relationship thrive.


Many relationships suffer from communication breakdowns or a complete lack thereof. Communication is one of the most integral parts to the success or failure of a relationship. Discover how to better communicate your needs, as well as understand your partner's, throughout the ups and downs of life.

Young Gay Couple

The Gottman Method is an evidence-based therapy for couples and relationships. Developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman right here in Seattle, this type of therapy has been proven to help couples with communication, intimacy, and empathy in their relationships. 


Click here to learn more about this therapeutic technique.

Driftwood Psychotherapy Basics

I offer couples therapy to adults ages 18+. People of all identities are welcome.

  • Sessions are conducted via teletherapy on a HIPAA compliant platform

  • You both must be in Washington state during sessions

  • 50 minute sessions are $195

  • 90 minute sessions are $275

  • Couples therapy is private pay and is generally not covered by insurance

  • PLEASE NOTE: Discernment counseling as well as relationship therapy for those in poly/ethically non-monogamous relationships are outside of my scope of practice.

Still unsure? Call to get your FREE 15 minute consultation. Start investing in your relationship today!

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